This page is a repository for useful resources. Embed links or useful documents here.

Another copy of the action planning sheet so that you can submit an electronic version of your final draft.

Physics Tracker is free software for analysing physics in video clips.

Reesources developed to provide some ideas for a series of activities and linked experiments that can be delivered collaboratively between Science and PE.
The resources have been developed by PE and science teachers to reinforce learning around shared curriculum content.
Lab based experiments
Sports/PE based activities
Supporting reaction time calculation sheet
Poster resources on technological developments in sport.

Adrian Oldknow of the University of Chichester has generously supplied some resources for cross curricular work between Maths, PE and Science:
STOP PRESS: Adrian is delighted to support teachers working with these materials; you can contact him by e-mail at

This last one possibly more for the higher level mathematicians and serious enthusiasts.

Materials from Huw Roch's presentation.

Materials on debate and ethics