Springfields School

Impact Action Plan
Name: Julie Wishart, Matt Lloyd, Steve Hobden
Contact Email Address: Mlloyd@springfields.wilts.sch.uk School Name: Springfields School, Wiltshire.

1 - Action Point
(What you want to achieve)
4 - How you are going to get to it

5 - Timings and Key Dates

6 - Resources and sources of support
To plan and deliver
‘Science and Sport day(s)’ to develop a cohesive link with learning across subject areas and inspire young people at Springfields School.

To plan and deliver an AG&T day using the Bromley Skeleton Challenge Programme, inviting schools for the local area to join us and to help subsidise the day.
Heads of department (PE and Science) meetings with Dir of Specialism.

Arrange an off-curriculum day(s) to run a differentiated programme of activities based at the University of Gloucestershire then continued programme of learning back at school in Science and PE lessons.

Discussions with Dir of Specialism and YST about funding for the Bromley programme.
Sending out invitations to local schools and managing a fun and engaging day.

Initial meeting –
26th November 2010

Further meetings in term 3/4
Activity Days to be confirmed

YST Sports College Legacy programme ‘curricular projects’ information and documentation.

University of Gloucestershire Outreach Team.

Local Schools
2 - Success Criteria

A successful cross-curriculum learning programme for young people planned and delivered.
Students are engaged and understand the links that Science and Sport hold.
3 - Longer term benefits to pupils:

Students are made aware of future careers and directions in the field of Sport Science.
7 - Monitoring (Finding out what’s going on).

Pupils will complete a pupil-friendly questionnaire and there informal comments will be gathered throughout the day via video capture.
8 - Evaluation (so what?)

Evaluation will be centred on an analysis of the monitoring activities and a staff reflection over the programme as a whole at the end of Term 6.