Welcome to the RCUK Performance in Sport wiki

This site has been designed as a collaborative space to support cross-curricular projects based on the RCUK Performance in Sport course running at the Science Learning Centre South West on 11th Nov 2010.

We are grateful to Research Councils UK and the Youth Sport Trust for making this course possible.
RCUK have funded a series of courses aimed at bringing cutting edge science into the classroom. We are indebted to the Institute of Sports Technology in Loughborough for their huge contribution to the course.

If you have never worked on a wiki site before, there is some excellent teach-yourself guidance in the TSSP e-Learning material. I've included a few documents to help newcomers start using wikis on the hints and tips page..
If you know vaguely what a wiki is but you have questions about best practice, there's lots of web guidance on wiki etiquette - take a look at one example on Netbeans or do a web search.
Although wikis do allow you to edit any page, in this case etiquette would suggest that we only edit pages that we created; suggestions for changes to others' pages are perhaps best made through the discussion for the relevant page.